You might have heard that some of the Bay Area’s greatest sports stars will be immortalized in the neighborhood that made them famous. The FivePoint real estate development firm is redeveloping the land upon which Candlestick Park used to sit, and the company and the city of San Francisco plan to name streets after some of the notable Giants and 49ers who did heroic things in the stadium.

But my former Press Democrat colleague Mike Murphy, now an editor at, raised a concern. Murph, who tends to think like a criminal, is convinced that sports-loving souvenir hunters will constantly be stealing the signs.

He has a point. If 420 mile markers and YOLO COUNTY signs are hard to keep on the pole, signs for Barry Bonds Lane and Jerry Rice Road wouldn’t seem to stand a chance.

If you don’t want to be stamping out new metal at the city yard every other week, you’re going to need markers that aren’t so attractive. The only reasonable option is to name the streets after the least popular men ever to play at Candlestick.

You know, like this (click to enlarge):

candlestick streets

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