Sports gambling is… complicated. But charitable giving is good. So if the wagering site is raising money for the charity of your choice, let’s chip in.

As it does each year around this time, Bovada will be offering a vast and varied list of prop bets for the Super Bowl. This time, the site is collecting ideas from media members. Winners, selected on the basis of creativity, will get to select a nonprofit to receive a $250 donation.

If you have suggestions of your own, hit me with a comment here or @Skinny_Post on Twitter. You have to do it by 9 a.m. Thursday morning, though; that’s when the contest ends. I’ll forward the best to Bovada. Together, maybe we can raise $250 for the Oakland A’s, who claim to be a nonprofit.

Meanwhile, here are my prop bets for Super Bowl 50:


How far in the air will Peyton Manning’s longest pass travel (in inches)?

If Cam Newtom leaps over the pile at the goal line, what are the odds that he never comes down?

Who will be the first human being swallowed alive by the Levi’s Stadium turf?

How many children will Nationwide Insurance kill in its commercials?

How many thousands of words will Vernon Davis speak for every down he plays?

How many times will Sandra Bullock be mistaken for Michael Oher’s mother?

How many points will Steph Curry score against the Broncos?

If Coldplay’s sound system dies during its halftime performance, how many people will care?

How many lateral yards will Ted Ginn Jr. run on his 14 vertical receiving yards?

How many times will Phil Simms or Jim Nantz say “dab” (off-mic drug references excluded)?

Who will have the ball when a plane pulling a “Jed Must Go” banner is shot from the skies over Santa Clara?

How many Panthers fans will suffer aneurysms if Derek Anderson takes the field?

Will Jared Allen smear his face with eye black even if he isn’t suited up?

How many Wiz Khalifa disses will Kanye West have tweeted by kickoff?

How many impressionable American children will be radicalized by watching Cam Newton for four hours?

At what time will the east stands at Levi’s Stadium be less than 50-percent full?

How many fans wearing BRADY or GRONK jerseys will be spotted, unaware that the Patriots were eliminated two weeks earlier?

How many times will CBS pretend we’re in San Francisco?

Which writer will complain loudest about having to sit in the Auxiliary Press Box?