In Conversation With Steve Kerr

There weren’t a lot of revelations for veteran Warriors-watchers when Steve Kerr appeared as part of the Sonoma Speaker Series. But there were tidbits.

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West final is here. Does Houston care?

Even today there are Game 1 tickets for sale, and not just via resale sites like StubHub.

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News from New Orleans: Pelicans aren’t shaking in their sneakers

There are many reasons to discount the Pelicans’ chances in this series, now that the Warriors are up 2-0 and Stephen Curry is pretending he never left. But PANIC does not appear to be one of those reasons.

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GameBreaker: A podcast recommendation for you

I listened to six of the 10 GameBreaker episodes, and I liked them a lot. These are layered, audio magazine-style features, and there is depth and creativity in the subjects.

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Warriors-Rockets rivalry could produce another record

This year, the Warriors could become the best of the second-best. That is, they could finish with the top record ever among teams that failed to complete a regular season as the NBA’s best.

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Austin Jackson, Mario Edwards Jr. and one big old chain

The Giants' Austin Jackson is looking forward to bumping into the Raiders' Mario Edwards Jr. The kid made a pretty big impression on his fellow Billy Ryan High School alumnus the first time.

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Johan Santana, YouTube and the making of Sean Manaea

A lot of us watched our favorite baseball players when we were kids. Sean Manaea became sort of obsessive about it.

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14 minutes with Raiders O-line coach Mike Tice

After the Raiders practiced Thursday, I got a chance to stand around and talk with Mike Tice, the team's offensive line coach. Here's the full transcript.

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A’s Cotton agrees: Baseballs to blame for blisters

Giants manager Bruce Bochy and pitcher Johnny Cueto joined a national debate when they suggested Cueto’s blister problems are related to MLB baseballs. You can add Jharel Cotton to the chorus.

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[Your team here] could beat the Warriors!

That long line wasn’t fans queuing up to buy tickets for Game 4 of the NBA Finals. It was former NBA players lining up to say their old team(s) could beat the Warriors.

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