I hate to be the one to break bad news, but Martin O’Malley will not win the Democratic presidential nomination. And the Warriors will lose a game this season.

Yes, it’s a sad truism. Steve Kerr’s team, or Luke Walton’s team, or whatever, will not finish 82-0 in 2015-16. Even The Greatest Team Ever to Bounce a Ball on Hardwood is destined to fail at some point.

And so people have tried to divine the loss. Some figured it would be on the road against the Clippers on Nov. 19; yeah, it was close, but the Warriors won 124-117. Others hypothesized about Toronto on Dec. 5 or at Indiana last night. The former was an absolute nail-biter, the latter wound up closer than it should have been. And still the Dubs have persevered.

Now people are looking ahead to Christmas, when the Warriors will unwrap a rematch of last year’s NBA Finals against LeBron James and the Cavaliers. But let’s be honest, it’s hard to envision this team losing at home anytime soon. Later in the season when they hit an inevitable slump, sure. But right now? At Oracle Arena? Don’t bet on it.

Here’s a hunch: The Warriors’ first loss won’t be to a likely candidate, like the Cavs, or the Rockets on Dec. 31. It will come against a decent-but-not-overpowering team, on the road, with Steph Curry descending into an inexplicable frost and one of his key teammates sitting out with an injury or getting into serious foul trouble. You can see the fatigue setting in already – not the physical fatigue of running up and down a basketball court, but the mental strain of dealing with that spotless record.

In fact, Loss No. 1 could come this weekend, with back-to-back games at Boston (Friday) and Milwaukee (Saturday). The Celtics are playing decent basketball these days. The Bucks are mediocre, but they have some good young players. (On the other hand, Milwaukee will be on the far end of a back-to-back, too.) And Klay Thompson is questionable for at least the Boston game with a sprained ankle.

This is a longwinded way to announce that the Press Democrat is ramping up its Warriors coverage as the team pursues one of the NBA’s most prestigious records – most consecutive regular-season wins. Golden State needs six more to tie the mark of 33 set by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers, which happens to be the longest winning streak in any of the major North American pro sports.

If they keep piling up the Ws, the Warriors will tie the record with a victory over Cleveland on Christmas, and will break it against the Kings on Dec. 28.

To launch our coverage of The Streak, I’ll be heading east tomorrow for Boston, and then hitting Milwaukee on my way back home. Look for a cavalcade of blog posts, videos and tweets on the subject. Unless the Warriors lose, in which case we will return to your regularly scheduled Bay Area sports scene.