The Raiders’ recent signings of cornerbacks Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers got me thinking: Is Chris Culliver available?

No, that’s not right. What it got me thinking about were players who had suited up for both the Raiders and 49ers. Fanatics in either camp treat the opposite side of the bay as football Siberia, but less partisan sports fans and writers take some interest in guys who have traded the red-and-gold for silver-and-black, or vice-versa. And really, there have been a lot of those crossovers – enough, in fact, to fill out starting lineups.

In selecting the best at each position, I accounted for overall greatness, but I tried to pick guys who had made an impact on both teams. Thus, no Nnamdi Asomugha or Andre Carter. And Raiders fans, you’ll be happy to note that I’m penciling in Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers for greatness (or at least goodness), with apologies to Marquez Pope and the late Dave Waymer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Oaklancisco Forty-Raiders’ All-Time Team:


QB: Jim Plunkett

RB: Roger Craig

RB: Charlie Garner*

WR: Jerry Rice

WR: Randy Moss

TE: Ted Kwalick

OL: Kwame Harris

OL: Barry Sims

OL: Jeremy Newberry

OL: Ron Stone

OL: Kevin Gogan


DL: Cedrick Hardman

DL: Archie Reese

DL: Dana Stubblefield

DL: Ted Washington

LB: Bill Romanowski

LB: Matt Millen

LB: Riki Ellison

DB: Ronnie Lott

DB: Tarell Brown

DB: Carlos Rogers

DB: Rod Woodson


K: Joe Nedney**

KR: Terry Kirby


*If you think a team needs a fullback, you can go with Tom Rathman

**Sorry, Joe, you’ll have to punt, too.


Finally, we must offer a special tip of the cap – one of those ugly baseball caps that are half-49ers, half-Raiders, of course – to linebacker Keith Browner. He played exactly one career game with San Francisco and one with the Los Angeles Raiders – in the same year, the 1987 strike season. That’s a local commute that may never be duplicated.